S2G BioChem is a cleantech company focused on the commercialization of bio-glycol production based on its proprietary Sugar-to-Glycol (S2G) technology.

Glycols are cornerstones of the industrial chemicals industry and are used by leading companies to produce a wide range of common consumer products. This is an $18 billion market and demand continues to grow at over 3% annually.

The problem is that glycols are derived primarily from petroleum products, a source associated with difficult issues including escalating and volatile pricing, supply and security concerns along with greenhouse gas emissions. This is not a sustainable model.

S2GBioChem has a solution. Sustainable biochemical glycols produced with packaged plants based on our S2G technology can profitably produce these basic building block chemicals using renewable resources.

Our customers, producers of common household and industrial products, use biochemical glycols produced by S2G and its partners, companies in the agricultural, forestry and bio-fuels industry, as an environmentally friendly, sustainable product with equivalent cost and quality to glycols sourced from petrochemicals. S2G's product offers significant added value to sugars and supplies glycol users with a clean alternative to petrochemicals.

Commercial 200,000 tonne per year Sugar-to-Glycol plant operating in Northeast China with annual revenue of $200 million.